Dear faculty and staff,

IT has been working over the past academic year to fully upgrade the audiovisual (AV) system in the classrooms. We are now putting the final touches on the system to prepare it for the classes next week.

While the system is nearly all new, we have built on the previous year’s work so that it feels familiar to you. Still some training is required, especially for the new features.

New AV system features

  • Annotation of any source
  • Windows 8 Touch input for resident PC
  • Wireless projection from Windows 8.1/10 and newer Android devices
  • Quick switch between various projector screens
  • New and improved user interface

We are arranging the following overview and training sessions for the new AV system.

  • Wed 19 Aug, 2:15 pm (40 min), room 2152
  • Thu 20 Aug, 11:00 am (40 min), room 2152
  • Mon 24 Aug, 2:00 pm (40 min), room 2163

I have send you 3 Exchange appointments following this email. Please accept one and plan to attend that overview and training session.

Additional details about the system will be send later in the week when we formally announce the system. We hope to see you at the overview and training sessions. Thank you.

Khalid Sarwar Warraich | Chief Information Officer

Overview and training for new classroom audiovisual system