Dear faculty and teaching staff,

During summer, IT made many enhancements to the audiovisual system in classrooms and lecture halls as follows:

  1. New projection screens upgrade in 6 classrooms and 5 lecture halls.
    • The new screens are more suitable for High Definition projection.
    • The new screen fabric offers improved color reproduction.
    • The new screens offer brighter image with less distortion in locations affected by ambient light.
    • Proper 16:10 HD video format matches the projector aspect ratio (no black bars around image).
  1. Sound improvement at 8 classrooms and 5 lecture halls. The older audio processors have been replaced with new DSP sound processors for improved audio quality.
  1. Full HD video conference systems installed at 4 classrooms (2147, 2052, 2035, 2049) and 3 lecture halls (1064, 1213, 1202).
  1. Lecture recording capabilities offered in 3 classrooms and 3 lecture halls (including “whiteboard recording” mode).

If you are interested in using video conferencing or lecture recording, please contact us at

Thank you.

Nasser Alaeddine, Ph.D. | Director of Educational and Media Technologies

Audiovisual system enhancements in classrooms