Dear faculty, staff, and students,

IT is pleased to announce that audiovisual (AV) systems in the conference rooms have been upgraded from the nearly 8-year old, standard definition system to a high definition system. The new features of the system are:

  • New HD (high definition, 1920×1080) projectors or flat panel screens
  • Support for laptops with HDMI connector/cable
  • Support for laptops with Mini-DisplayPort connector/cable (coming soon)
  • Full HD videoconferencing support in 6 locations (1021, 1066, 1106, 2069, 2115, and 2222)
  • Support for Skype, Hangouts, and other video chat software on resident PC
  • Wireless projection from Macs, iPhones, and iPads using AirPlay
  • Wireless projection from Windows 8.1/10 and compatible Android devices using Miracast (this feature is still experimental)


High Definition

The new system is running at full high definition (1920×1080) resolution with all sources (resident PC, laptops, wireless projection, and videoconferencing) configured to use high definition. Further, the new projectors and flat panel screens produce a much brighter image than the older system.

Skype, Hangouts, etc. support

The videoconference capable conference rooms (1021, 1066, 1106, 2069, 2115, and 2222) also support Skype, Hangouts, or other video chat software on the resident PC. You can login to the resident PC, launch Skype (or other similar software), and use the camera and microphone in the room with Skype. In the past, we had setup special skype sessions upon request. Going forward, please use the conference room’s capabilities with your own account and there is no need to make any special arrangements or requests for Skype sessions.

Orientation and Training

We will schedule a meeting with every department in the coming week to go over the use of the new system. The user interface is a shrunk down version of the touch panel user interface used in the classrooms. So it should be easier to use the other system if one is familiar with one system.

Thank you.

Nasser Alaeddine, Ph.D. | Director of Educational and Media Technologies

Conference Rooms Audiovisual (AV) Systems Upgrade