Dear Faculty,

Earlier in summer, we had requested you to provide your IT needs for the Fall semester. We received requests from most of faculty by the 13th July deadline. Based on those requests, IT has acquired all the requested software and has prepared the new Computer Labs (a.k.a. Clusters) configurations for testing.

I am writing to request that you test the Cluster configuration by Tuesday, 9th August, 2015 so that we can finalize the configuration with your feedback and replicate the new configuration across all Clusters, classroom podiums, Library, Student Lounge, and Student Actives room. Please follow the following steps to test the software:


There are two ways to test the labs:

·       Using VMware View Client or using a Web Browser:

  1. You’ll be accessing a virtual lab that can be accessed from anywhere without the VPN. This lab has the same set of configuration that we have in physical labs (1032,1185,2035..)
  2. Visit to download the client or use the HTML access to test the lab from within the browser itself.
  3. More information on Virtual Qatar is available here:

·       Using the Remote Desktop Client on your machine: 

  1. In the Remote Desktop Connection program, enter one of the following as computer name
  2. If you are off campus, then please make a VPN connection to the campus (if you have not done this before, then please start at
    • On Windows, Remote Desktop Connection program is available under All Programs in the Start menu
    • On Mac, you can download the Remote Desktop Connection client from the Mac App Store
    • On Linux, please the Remmina client by using apt-get or yum (be sure to  install RDP plugin package)
  3. Start the Remote Desktop Connection program on your computer
  4. Once you connect, you should enter your username (“qatar\<AndrewID>”) and password. You will then be remotely connected to the test computer. You will be asked to accept a certificate, which you should accept.
  5. Please test the system in general and the software that you requested in particular and let us know if you encounter any problems. Send a detailed description of the problems (with exact text of error messages) to

With your help, we can make sure that you do not encounter any problems when you or your students need to use the software in the Clusters.


Jerome Marella | Director, Core Infrastructure and Services

Fall Clusters computer software ready for testing