Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Information Technology department is very pleased to announce a new service called Virtual.Qatar. Virtual.Qatar is a set of “virtual desktop” computers that reside in our datacenter and are configured identically to the computers in the Clusters. You connect to the virtual desktops in Virtual.Qatar by using a web browser or the VMware View Horizon client application from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.









The Virtual Desktops have

  • Same software as clusters (e.g., Creative Suite 6, MATLAB, Minitab, etc.)
  • Access to network drives (U: Personal and S: Shared)
  • Access to printers (including Find-Me-Students)

Accessing Virtual.Qatar
Please connect to in your browser to use the Virtual.Qatar service. Once you connect, you are given the choice to install the VMware Horizon View client application on your computer or device; or, to continue access from within the browser. We recommend installing the VMware Horizon View client application for your computer or device. The client application offers better performance, easier lunching and simpler login to the virtual desktops.


The client application is available for:

  • Windows (see documentation here)
  • Macintosh (see documentation here)
  • Linux
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone, see documentation here)
  • Android (tablet, phone, see documentation here)

The instructions for use Virtual.Qatar in the web browser are here. Please refer to overview documentation at Please contact us if you have any questions (

Khalid Sarwar Warraich | Chief Information Officer

Introducing Virtual.Qatar, your virtual Cluster on the Internet