Dear faculty and staff,

As you may have noticed, room signage for displaying room availability and meeting schedule is already installed for each classroom, lecture hall, and conference room.

The room signage displays the room number and date/time and shows only basic information about your meeting:

  • Start time/end time of the meeting
  • Organizer name
  • Meeting subject

You will continue to schedule your meetings the same way as before (i.e. from Outlook or other email/calendar software) and make sure to include the room reservation in your meeting invitation. Once you book a room for your meeting, the room signage system will obtain the schedule information from the room calendar in Exchange server and display the meeting information.

Red and green backgrounds are used in the room signage display to let you see the room availability at a glance. You may also mark your meeting as private to mask the meeting subject and the organizer name from showing in the room signage system.

Room is vacant
Room is occupied
Room schedule
Private meeting

Thank you,

Nasser Alaeddine, Ph.D. | Director of Educational and Media Technologies

Meeting Room Signage