What is an Andrew ID?

Your Andrew ID is your gateway to the computing environment at Carnegie Mellon and Carnegie Mellon Qatar. Your account gives you access to email, network, Computing Clusters and other resources.

Andrew ID Holder Responsibilities

As an Andrew account holder, you are responsible for:

  • AndrewIDSecuring your computer or mobile device before accessing the Carnegie Mellon network. Security instructions are provided in the Secure Your Computer pages. Note: Failure to properly secure your computer will result in removal from the Carnegie Mellon network.
  • Adhering to the Carnegie Mellon Computing Policy.
  • Protecting and securing your Andrew userID and password.  Never give out your Andrew account password; sharing of passwords is a violation of the Password Sharing Guideline.
  • Following the Network Bandwidth Usage guideline because the activity of one person dramatically affects the performance for others, Computing Services has established usage guidelines for wired/wireless connections.
  • Following the Copyright Violation Guideline because the distribution of copyright protected files without the permission of the copyright holder is illegal. Note: For anyone accessing the internet through Carnegie Mellon’s network, using either an institutionally-owned or personally-owned computer, the University serves as their Internet Service Provider (ISP). The University is therefore bound by laws and policies that apply to ISPs.
  • A complete list of computing guidelines is available at http://www.cmu.edu/computing/guideline/.

What is the difference between @andrew @qatar and @cmu?

@ANDREW.CMU.EDU and @QATAR.CMU.EDU are both aliases on your email address that point to the same mailbox.  @CMU.EDU is a third alias known as a CMUName that you can create using any phrase as long as the phrase is not in use by someone else.

Labels Actual Example
Full Name First, Last Andrew Carnegie
Andrew ID andrewid acarnegie
Qatar Alias andrewid@qatar.cmu.edu acarnegie@qatar.cmu.edu
Andrew Alias andrewid@andrew.cmu.edu acarnegie@andrew.cmu.edu
CMU Name andrewid@cmu.edu, FirstLast@cmu.edu, anyphrase@cmu.edu acarnegie@cmu.edu, AndrewCarnegie@cmu.edu, AndyC@cmu.edu

What is QATAR\ & ANDREW\?

  • Default Windows Domain for Qatar campus.
  • Used to login to most Windows services and Workstation on Qatar Campus.
  • Used to grant you access to resources such as printing and file shares.
  • URL is: qatar.win.cmu.edu
  • Default Windows Domain for the Pittsburgh campus.
  • Used to login to most Windows services and Workstation on Pittsburgh Campus.
  • Can be used by Pittsburgh visitors to login to Windows and Network Services such CMUQ-SECURE (WiFi).
  • Used by both Qatar and Pittsburgh campus to login to the Exchange Mail Service.
  • URL is: andrew.ad.cmu.edu

For more information on accounts and passwords, please visit http://www.cmu.edu/computing/accounts/index.html