Password resets should be performed regularly to avoid your account being compromised. Also if you have suspicions that your account has been compromised it is important that you first reset your password, then report the incident to IT, giving as much details as you can.

Password Conditions:

Must Contain

  • At least 8-characters.
  • At least one uppercase alphabetic character (e.g., A-Z).
  • At least one lowercase alphabetic character (e.g., a-z).
  • At least one number (e.g., 0-9).
  • At least one special character (e.g., []~!@#$%^&*()?<>./_-+=).

Cannot Contain

  • Known information (i.e., first name, last name, Andrew userID, date of birth, 9-digit Carnegie Mellon ID number, SSN, job title).
  • Four or more occurrences of the same character.*
  • A word that is found in a standard dictionary.*

Please note: Your new password cannot be one of the last five passwords you used previously.

*Does not apply to passwords that are more than 19 characters in length (e.g., a passphrase).

Steps to resetting your password:

1. From any computer, tablet or smartphone, open a web browser and go to:

Resetting your password1







2. Enter your Andrew ID and current password and click Login.

3. Once logged, and with the above conditions in mind, enter your Current Password, then your desired New Password, then confirm your New Password by re-entering it, then click Change Password.

Resetting your password2







For more information on accounts and passwords, please visit