CMU Computing Services offers the opportunity to create a CMUname which is a personalized mailing address alias to your regular address.

CMUname Selection Rules

Following are the rules to consider when selecting a CMUname.

  1. If your CMUname choice matches one entry uniquely, no one but that person can select it as their CMUname. Otherwise, an address that had been routing mail to a user would suddenly stop working.
    Example: Jane Smithenheimer is the only match for “smithenheimer” at Thus, only Jane can choose “smithenheimer” as her CMUname.
  2. If a CMUname choice matches one (and only one) organizational user ID, only the person with the matching organizational user ID may choose that CMUname.
    Example: Joe Charger of the ECE department has the organizational user ID of, and no on else has the user ID “charger”. Thus, only Joe may choose “charger” as his CMUname.
  3. If a CMUname choice matches two or more organizational user IDs, then no one is able to choose that CMUname without mutual agreement between individuals and organizations. If you find yourself in this situation, get permission from the other user who matches your desired CMUname, and send it to
  4. Last names in the CMU.EDU database that do not match organizational User IDs can only be chosen by people with that last name on a first-come first-served basis.
    Example: There are no organizational user IDs of “smith”; the first person whose last name is Smith who chooses that as a CMUname will receive it.
  5. If a CMUname choice does not match a user ID, last name, or unacceptable name (see the last selection rule), that CMUname choice is available to anyone on a first-come first-served basis.
  6. A CMUname can contain up to 35 characters, limited to alphanumerics, and must start with a letter.
  7. Computing Services reserves the right to remove inappropriate or misrepresentative CMUname selections.

You will be notified immediately if you are unable to have the CMUname you choose for any of these reasons, and will be asked to make another selection.

Create a CMUname

To create an alias, follow the steps below.

IMPORTANT: Once you’ve selected a CMUname, it is impossible to change it. Think very carefully before selecting a name that could be ambiguous or that you won’t want for the duration of your association with Carnegie Mellon. Computing Services also reserves the right to remove inappropriate or misrepresentative CMUname selections.

  1. Visit My Exchange Tools. If you’re not already authenticated, you’ll be prompted to enter your Andrew userID and password.
  2. On the left side of the screen display, select Edit Directory. A screen similar to the following appears.
  3. If you already HAVE a CMUname, that name appears in the CMUname field. If you do NOT already have a CMUname, you can request one by entering the name you want to use in the “Would you like to request a CMUname?” field. Once entered, click Request.
    Note: Your request is verified against the appropriate rules. Once it passes that verification, the name is created and notification is emailed to you.

Your CMUname1