• Using native Windows mapping (recommended for campus desktop systems)
  • Using Network Drive Manager (recommended for laptops)

Instructions for using native Windows network drive mapping to map drives:

1.     If you are off campus, please first connect to campus network via VPN

2.     Next, open Windows File Explorer and navigate to This PC


3.     To map the shared network drive (includes departments, projects and students) click on Map network drive (circled in red above). From the Drive drop down menu choose S and in Folder Field type in the UNC path of the network drive\\qatar.win.cmu.edu\files\shared. Next click Finish.


4.     To map the personal network drive click on Map network drive (circled in red above). From the Drive drop down menu chooseU and in Folder field type in the UNC path of the personal network drive as \\qatar.win.cmu.edu\files\user\%username%. Next click Finish.


Note (1) If you would like the drive mapping to be permanent then check the box Reconnect at sign-in and the drive will be reconnected automatically at each subsequent login. (2) If you would like to map the drives using a different user name and password then check the box Connect using different credentials.


Izn pop up box, choose Use another account and enter the user name in the format qatar\<Andrew ID> and the associatedpassword. To finish mapping the drive click OK.


Instructions for using Network Drive Manager to map drives:

Students, faculty and staff can obtain a copy of Network Drive Manager from the Service Desk, please contact us onhelpcenter@qatar.cmu.edu or call 4454-8440

1.     Open Network Drive Manager from All Programs > Network Drive Manager


2.     Click on the PLUS sign to add a new shared network drive. Enter the required information: Drive letter, Network location, user name (only if connecting as different user) and password. Next click OK.


3.     Similarly map the Personal network drive


4.     After mapping the two drives, the Network Drive Manager should look like this:


Note: If you get the message that Network Drive Manager is already open then click the up arrow on the to show hidden icons and then click on the drive icon (circled in red below) to launch the Network Drive Manager.