Instructors can choose to save a copy of your course by using the Export/Archive function in Blackboard.

Course Lifecycle

The Eberly Center maintains a copy of all courses on the Blackboard server. Instructors of record for each Blackboard course continue to have access. However access to students is removed two weeks into the following semester after the course was taught.

How To Export or Archive Your Course

Log into the Blackboard course.
Expand “Control Panel” > “Packages and Utilities” and select “Export/Archive Course”.

Export-archive a course-1













Click the “Export” or “Archive” button, located at the top of the page within the heading area.

Export-archive a course-2






Export will allow you to select which course materials you wish to export.
Archive will archive the entire course.

Export-archive a course-3









Click “Submit”. Blackboard will take a few moments to generate a .zip file which will appear in a listing once it has been created and you have refreshed the browser page.

Note: These files will be purged every 24 hours: Make sure to download them immediately after creation.

Click on the course export/archive .zip file link listed on the “Export/Archive Course” page, or select “Open” from the contextual menu associated with the link to download the file to your local machine.

Export-archive a course-4






Note: Contents of the course archive and export .zip files are only readable once imported back into Blackboard.