Once you’ve created several items, you can easily adjust their order on the page by using either the “drag-and-drop” functionality or the “reorder content” function.

Rearranging items on a page-1




Rearrange via Drag & Drop

Note: “Edit Mode” must be “On”. If it is, a double-headed arrow icon will appear to the left of each content item listed on the page.

Place your mouse over an item you would like to rearrange.

Rearranging items on a page-2



Click and hold down while dragging the selected item above or below other items listed on the page.

Rearranging items on a page-3




Release the mouse to drop it into the new position.

Note: As you move an item, a visual dotted guideline will appear indicating the hot spot in which to drop the item.


Rearrange via “Reorder: Content” Panel

In the action menu of a content page, where you have added multiple content items, a small two-way arrow icon button rearrange arrow icon button will be visible to the right of the menu. Click on the arrow icon button to expose a dropdown window that lists all of content items on the page.

Rearranging items on a page-4





Select an item to rearrange.
Use the up-down arrow buttons located beneath the listed items to move it up or down relative to the other items.

Rearranging items on a page-5









Click “Submit” to complete the process.