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An existing test must be deployed as course content and made available to students before it can be taken by users.

In order for a student to take a test on Blackboard, the instructor must perform three distinct actions:

  • Create a new test
  • Add the test as course content
  • Make the test available to students (can be done in previous step or later)

Deploy a Test

Navigate to a content area within your course, then click “Test” from the “Create Assessment” menu.

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Click “Create” to make a new test and then follow the directions to make a new test or select from the menu of previously created tests.

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Click “Submit” to enter the “Test Options”.
“Test Options” controls the test availability and test-taking options for users.

Note: If a test isn’t explicitly made available, it will not be visible to student users.

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Make a Test Available

A test can be deployed without being immediately available to users. To make it available after deployment:

In the content area where the test is deployed, click the context menu and select “Edit” to enter the “Edit Test Options” page.

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On the “Edit Test Options” page, scroll to section 2, “Test Availability”. Click “Yes” next to “Make the Link Available”.

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Click “Submit” to immediately make the content area visible to student users.

Note: If the instructor restricts the dates for when the test may be taken, students will not be able to begin taking the test until that designated date and time.