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Within the Grade Center, instructors and TAs can view, edit, modify, and override grades of assessments. Grades can also be downloaded to or uploaded from exported spreadsheet (e.g. Microsoft Excel) files.

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Download and Upload Grades

Download Grades
Instructors can download grading sheets from Blackboard. Partial or full grading sheets can be downloaded.

Within “Grade Center”, select “Work Offline” in the top right corner. Click “Download” to enter “Download Grades”.

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Select the data to download and the download options.

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Click “Submit” to download the file.

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Upload Grades
Within “Grade Center”, select “Work Offline” in the top right corner. Click “Upload” to enter “Upload Grades”.

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Select the file to upload and identify the delimiter type.

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Click “Submit” to upload the file.
Blackboard will preprocess the file and check that its file format, column names, etc. are synced. Detailed information will be shown on the page. Confirm the format, select uploading columns and click “Submit”.

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An upload message will be shown in the top status bar. Go through the grading sheet to check that grades and other data uploaded correctly.

Change the Grade Center View

The Filter Bar
Within “Grade Center”, select “Filter” in the top right corner to expand the “Filter” sub-menu.

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Choose the display criteria:

  • Current View — The view to display.  Click on the downward arrow and select the preferred options from the list. Instructors can also select the prior defined smart views to display. Refer to the “Smart View” section for detailed information about smart views in the Grade Center.  Click on the disk icon next to the “Current View” dropdown menu to set the current view as the default view.
  • Category — The type of assignment.  Instructors can specify the type of columns to show in the current view to narrow down the scope of the current view.
  • Status — To display assignments of this status.  Instructors can specify that assignments of this status are the only ones to display. The updated view will be displayed below in the spreadsheet in the Grade Center.

Smart Views

Smart Views are focused views of the Grade Center. Any number of Smart Views can be created and saved based on a variety of criteria including Grading Periods, Categories, and Performance. The instructor or TA can set up different Smart Views to select different groups of users to put in one Smart View.

Within “Grade Center”, select “Manage” from the top menu bar. Click “Smart Views” to enter “Smart Views”.

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A list of existing smart views will display. Existing smart views can be edited by clicking “Edit” under the context menu of the desired view.

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Click “Create Smart View”. Fill in required information and choose the selection criteria for the view.

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Click “Submit” to confirm the design of the smart view. A new smart view will be created. Order the grade histories. Click on the header of the table to reorder the entries by different attributes.

Manage the Student Grade View (My Grades)

The student view of the “My Grades” course tool will reflect the order of the columns shown on the “Full Grade Center” view. The instructor can organize the order of the columns in the “Full Grade Center” view to manage the student view for grades.

Alter the column ordering:

  • Within “Grade Center”, select “Manage” from the top menu bar. Click “Column Organization”.
  • Adjust the order and show/hide property of the columns via drag & drop operations.
  • Click on “Submit” to apply the change. The changes are reflected in the Grade Center as well as Students View of the “My Grades” page.
  • (Optional) Make columns disabled from Student View only.