There are two main categories of Find-Me-Printing and they are as follows:

  • Find-Me-Students (Students should use this printer queue for print release and other services)

Students can also download the Executable to Add the Find-Me-Students printer on your machine by clicking here.

  • Find-Me-Anywhere (Faculty and staff should use this printing queue for print release and other services- Follow the same steps as described below)

Faculty and staff members can also download the Executable to Add the Find-Me-Anywhere printer on your machine by clicking here.

Print to the Find-Me-Students printer and release it from any of the PaperCut enabled printers.

Find-Me-Students printer is already mapped and configured as the default printer for all cluster and library computers.

In order to use this facility, you must have your ID card registered on one of the Multi-Functional Printers. If it is your first time using the Multi-Functional Printer, then follow Step 1 below. If you have already registered your ID card, then follow Step 2 to find out how to release a printing job.

Associating the ID card with AndrewID- Using the Multi-Function (Copier/Printer/Scanner) in Library

Step 1: Register/Update your CMUQ ID Card on the Multi-Functional Printer

1. In order to release a printing job from a Find-Me-Students printer (Multi-Functional Printer), go to a printer that has a card reader attached (library printers) and scan your CMUQ ID card.

PaperCut Card Reader










2. Since you have not yet associated your ID card with your AndrewID, you will see the following screen. Click Next.









3. Next, register your card by entering your Andrew User ID and Password.









4. Once your card is successfully registered, you will see the message as shown in the image below. You only have to register your card once, then you are free to swipe and use the Multi-Functional Printer anytime.





 Step 2: Releasing a Print Job from the Multi-Functional Printer

1. Print your document to the Find-Me-Students printer.

2. Go to a printer that has a card reader attached and scan your card.

3. The printers will release the document as soon as you swipe the card.

4. The Multi Function Printer will show you the documents in the queue and you will have an option to release or delete the job. You can select the jobs from the ‘Print Release’ menu.









*Card Swipe is the easiest method to release the job however in case you do not have a card you can release the job from your mobile device or using the web browser.