Associating the ID card with AndrewID

In order to release the print by swiping your ID cards, your AndrewID has to be linked with your ID card. There are two methods you can use to associate the ID card with your Andrew ID:

  • Using the Multifunction (Copier/Printer/Scanner) in Library
  • Using the PaperCut web interface to update your card information

Using the Multifunction (Copier/Printer/Scanner) in Library











1. In order to release a printing job from a Find-Me-Students printer (Multi-Functional Printer), go to a printer that has a card reader attached (library printers) and scan your CMUQ ID card.











2. Since you have not yet associated your ID card with your AndrewID, you will see the following screen. Click Next.









3. Next, register your card by entering your Andrew User ID and Password.









4. Once your card is successfully registered, you will see the message as shown in the image below. You only have to register your card once, then you are free to swipe and use the Multi-Functional Printer anytime.








Using the PaperCut web interface to update your card information

1. Login to

2. In the left pane of the window, click on ‘Change Details’.











3. Enter your new card ID number in the ‘New number’ field.











Note: If your card number is starting with ‘0’, then you need to enter only the last four digits.









4. Click on Change Number and your ID card will be associated with your Andrew ID.