IT provides WiFi access to the network and internet for all CMU students, faculty and Staff.  The WiFi covers the whole campus and is delivered over 802.11ac using 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies.

1.     Login to your Mac and locate the WiFi icon in the menu bar.

2.     While you are not connected the icon status may resemble any one of the icons in the illustration.

3.     Click on the icon and make that WiFi is ON and that it is looking for networks.


4.     When the list of nearby networks load, click the CMUQ-SECURE network from the list.

5.     A dialog box will then prompt you for your Andrew ID and Password.  Enter the information and click Join.


6.     You should then be prompted to verify and accept the security certificate.  Click Continue in the popup dialog box.


7.     In the next dialog, enter the computer’s local administrator username and password to add the certificate to your keychain.  In most cases, this is the same username and password you logged in with to the computer.


8.     You should now be connected to the WiFi network, verify this by clicking the WiFi icon in your menu bar and ensuring there is a check mark new to the CMUQ-SECURE network.