Dear faculty and teaching staff,

As we get ready to start the new semester, please note the following information (tips and known limitations) about the new AV system.

If you did not attend the overview and training sessions…

If the touch screen appears to become unresponsive, press the left (AV CONTROL) button mounted on the lectern left near corner and then use the touch screen. Also, please come to the next overview and training session on Monday at 2:00pm in 2163 and learn about advanced features associated with these buttons.

AV System Control






  • Videoconferencing is only available in rooms 2049, 2052, 2147, and 2163. Lecture recording is only available in rooms 2147 and 2163. Please contact Christine Gilchrist if you need to schedule these rooms for your class. Please contact IT for a test 2 days before your intended use.
  • If you use the lectern PC, PowerPoint may play the slide show on the extended (2nd) display. You should switch the projector to that source to show the presentation in class.
  • The Miracast wireless projection feature for Windows 8.1/10 and Android 4.2 or higher should be considered experimental. Miracast is a new protocol and devices have shown a wide range of issues in working with each other. Please contact IT if you intend to use Miracast and always have a backup plan in case it does not work.
  • If you use AirPlay to wirelessly project from a Mac or iOS device, please disconnect and reconnect with the WiFi network before connecting AirPlay. This will ensure that your device is connected to the WiFi access point in the classroom and gets a strong signal. Otherwise you may still be connected to a distant access point outside the classroom with a weak signal.

Known Limitations
This year’s AV system is (nearly) all new with about 750 components, 2,300 connecting cables, and a few thousand lines of code that coordinate the entire system. IT’s experience with these components and this system is limited to just the summer months since we began installation. Like any new and complex system, there are some bugs and limitations associated with the system. We need your feedback in uncovering these issues so that we can fix them and make the systems more reliable. At this time, we know of the following limitations in the system.

  • Rooms 1199, 1202, 1213, 2147: light controls not functional from AV touch screen
  • Rooms 1202, 2035: Annotation is not functional
  • Room 1131: Left projector “blank screen” (eye) button not functional

All of the above issues are under investigation for a solution. Please contact us if you have any questions or issues (


Thank you.

Khalid Sarwar Warraich | Chief Information Officer

New AV system tips and known limitations