Dear faculty, students, and staff,

We have been experiencing an outgoing email issue for a day or so. Some of the emails being sent out of our mail systems are bouncing (i.e., not being accepted by recipient’s system). We have isolated the cause of the problem and taken steps to resolve the issue. However, it takes some time for the systems on the internet to become aware of our corrective measures and start accepting emails from us again. We expect this problem to resolve in the coming hours (or perhaps a day).

If your outgoing email bounces, please send the email again after a short while (one or two hours). You can also bounce back email to us for further diagnosis (in case it is a different problem).

Please note that there is no issue with receiving email from anyone. And bounced email will be returned to you with an error message (that is, it will not fail silently, you will be notified).

Please contact us ( if you have any questions.

Khalid Sarwar Warraich | Chief Information Officer

Outgoing email issue