Dear faculty, students, and staff,

The following email is a phishing attack designed to capture your username/AndrewID and password. Please don’t click on links in the following, or similar, email.

Remember, IT will never ask for your password. We don’t need your password to perform system administrative tasks. You should not share your password with anyone.

If you clicked on the link and entered your username and password, please contact us immediately to initiate remedial action.


Jerome Marella | Director, Core Infrastructure and Services



From: Joshua Verson [] Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2016 8:48 AM
Subject: RE: All Staff & Employee.‏


Your E-mail account has been suspended by our server due to unusual activities detected, To reactivate click  WEBMAIL VERIFICATION

Failure to do so,your email account will be deleted from our server after 4 hours upon this notification.

IT Help Desk Team
Microsoft 2016 Edition

Phishing attack again