Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

The email below is a phishing attempt with a link to a fake login page to try to steal your AndrewID and password. If you receive a similar email, please forward it to as an attachment and delete it.

If you received the email, clicked the link, and attempted to login on the linked page, then please change your password immediately. Please email or call me (+974 5586-9013) to get help in changing your password.

Jerome Marella | Director, Core Infrastructure and Services

From: Management Support []
Sent: Monday, October 3, 2016 2:43 PM
To: <>
Subject: Closing of your <user removed> account is been processed


Mailbox 90% Full

Dear <user removed>,

This message is to inform you that we received your request to delete your mailbox account.

We will process your request within 24 hours, All features associated with your account will be lost.

To retain your account, kindly cancel request to continue using our services.

Click here to Cancel Request Now

Kindly follow the instruction to secure your Mailbox.

Thanks  <user removed>
Network Solutions

Please do not reply to this email. Replying to this email will not secure your services. Please review our Privacy Policyand Terms of Use.
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Phishing attack: attempt to steal AndrewID and password