Audiovisual (AV) systems are installed throughout the university to facilitate teaching, collaboration, and regular work. AV systems fall into these following categories.

Classroom AV Systems

AV systems are installed in the classrooms, lecture halls, labs, seminar rooms, and Clusters (computer labs) to facilitate teaching. These systems typically have the following features:

  • Video inputs: podium PC, laptop HDMI and MiniDP cables, document camera, AirPlay wireless projection, Miracast wireless projection
  • Video outputs: 1 or 3 projectors
  • Audio inputs: video source, audience mics, lavalier (speaker) mic
  • Audio outputs: wall and ceiling speakers
  • Other features: annotation, videoconferencing (not in all rooms), lecture recording (not in all rooms)

While most rooms have the above features, some have simpler setups. Please consult the list of all AV systems for details for each room.

Conference Room AV Systems

The conference rooms are typically equipped with single projector or flat panel screen with the following video inputs: resident PC, 2 laptop cables (HDMI & MiniDP), AirPlay, and Miracast. Some conference rooms are also configured with videoconferencing capabilities. In these rooms the resident PC can utilize the video camera and ceiling microphone for Skype, Hangouts, or other PC based video chat software. Please consult the list of all AV systems for details for each room.

Open Areas

The east and west walkways, the dining area, and the assembly area of the ground floor have speakers that are usable for background music or public address capability. If you are planning an event requiring additional AV support, then you can do so by requesting it for your event (see events support below).

Events Support

We support events in the building with temporary, event specific systems to handle video, audio, and lighting for the event. The particulars of the arrangement are made according to your event’s need and within the constraints of available equipment and staff time. Please fill out the Events Support Request Form to start the planning process for your event.

Streaming and Recording

We possess some limited streaming and recording capability for important lectures, performances, or other events. Please contact us to discuss the your need.

Digital Signage

The building has a digital signage system that consists of the following sub-systems:

  • Digital Signage: these screens are installed throughout the building in high traffic areas and display announcements and information on a constant rotation.
  • IPTV: in select rooms (faculty and staff lounge, student lounge, etc.) TV screens are available that display free to air satellite channels.
  • Room Signage: classrooms, lecture halls, and conference rooms have a touch screen outside the door that displays information about the current class, lecture, or meeting. The information is obtained from the Exchange calendaring systems and updated based on scheduled meetings.
  • Wayfinding: interactive wayfinding kiosks are planned to be installed near the building entrances, reception, and elevators on each floor. Visitors can view interactive maps, find their destination department, and get directions from these kiosks.