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Classrooms (capacity between 18 and 36 students) and lecture halls (capacity greater than 65 students)  offer a rich variety of technology to aid teaching. The major classroom technologies are:

  • Classroom audiovisual systems: each classroom is equipped with an audiovisual system to help present teaching material to students. Details of the classroom audiovisual systems can be read in the audiovisual section.
  • Classroom Management Software (NetOp): the Clusters (computer labs) are equipped with classroom management software that lets an instructor manage classroom computers during instruction. Available functions include projecting instructor system to student computer screens, reviewing student computer usage from instructor computer, remote controlling student computers, and blocking certain websites or applications on student systems.
  • Clickers: Clickers are small number pads that students use to respond to instructor questions anonymously. Typical use includes asking questions following coverage of a topic to assess student understanding. This provides instant feedback to instructor about student comprehension of the covered topic.
  • Clusters (computer labs): Clusters are computer lab classrooms that are equipped for teaching activities involving student user of computers. More information about Clusters is available in the computing section.
  • Blackboard learning management system: The Blackboard learning management system is available for use in the classroom to facilitate material distribution, classroom discussions, or to administer online exams. More information is available in the Blackboard section.