We use Microsoft Exchange to provide email, calendaring, and people directory functions (CMU wide) to our faculty, staff, and students. You can access Exchange from the web browser, your desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile (Android, iOS) systems.

Your Email Addresses

When you get an AndrewID, our system automatically creates two email addresses for you. These are: (For the purpose of this example, let’s assume your username is Jamal Ahmed Iqbal and your AndrewID is jaiqb.)

  • jaiqb@qatar.cmu.edu
  • jaiqb@andrew.cmu.edu

Given that your AndrewID may be a mishmash of your names (and hence not very presentable), you can create a CMUName. CMUName is any short alphabetical string that is not being used by others at CMU. For example, you may choose jamaliqbal as your CMUName. Having set this up, you now had a third email address:

  • jamaliqbal@cmu.edu

When you send email, the system will send it with the following From line:

  • From: Jamal Iqbal (jaiqb@andrew.cmu.edu)

Display Name is the name that is placed in the From line of an outgoing email. For example, you may decide to use your full name as the Display Name. Having set this up, the system will now send it with the following From line:

  • From: Jamal Ahmed Iqbal (jaiqb@andrew.cmu.edu)

Also, both of your @qatar and @andrew addresses can still receive email which goes to the same exchange mail account. Learn more about choosing and setting CMUName and Display Name.

Exchange System

We use the Microsoft Exchange system to provide email, calendaring, and CMU wide people directory to you. You can access your email, calendar, and people directory on the web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. More information about configuring email access is available.

Personal Storage Mailbox

Your mailbox typically has a limit on the amount of space you can use for your email and calendar items. If you reach this limit, you can request a second personal storage mailbox to archive old email and calendar items. The personal storage mailbox is accessible via web, Windows, Mac, and Linux systems but not mobile email apps.

Special Email Mailboxes and Calendars

You may need a special email address (and mailbox) or calendar to facilitate certain function or event. For example, if you are organizing a conference, you may wish to have a conference email address that can receive and hold email regarding the conference and multiple people in our campus can access and respond to those emails. We provide special mailboxes and calendars for this purpose. Please contact us with your needs.

Conference Room and Classroom Calendars

Every conference room, classroom, lecture hall, lab, Cluster can be reserved through the Exchange system. These reserve-able spaces have their own email addresses (and associated mailboxes) and are listed in the CMU wide people (and resources) directory. Simply invite the room when setting up your meeting and the room will either accept (if available) or decline (if already reserved) your meeting request.

A full list of all reserve-able locations is available. Read more.

Organizing Meetings

The calendar functions of Exchange are ideal for managing your schedule and organizing meetings (including reserving rooms). We encourage all faculty, students, and staff to use the calendar to record their appointments. When you want to schedule a meeting with someone, you can send them a meeting invitation through Exchange. You can “busy search” their schedule to determine their available time and send an appointment at their free time. This eliminates several “are you free at ??” emails and makes scheduling meetings with several people a simple exercise. Remember, the “busy search” capability only works well if everyone’s calendar is up to date with their current schedule. So, in order to help others (and yourself), please keep you calendar up to date with your busy and free times. Read more.

CMU Wide People Directory

The Exchange system is pre-populated with names, email addresses, title, department, and often phone numbers of all CMU (Pittsburgh and Qatar) faculty, staff, and students. You can look up someone’s name in your email software or mail, calendar, and contacts app on your mobile. Read more.

How to Access Email

We support email access from web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS computers and mobiles. Read more.