FileCloud is a way to access the Network drives from your laptop, mobile and the web (mainly) when you are outside campus. FileCloud provides mobile access apps for iOS and Android phone and tablets and sync clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. You also have the option of mounting your FileCloud data as a Windows drive using FileCloud client (Cloud drive).



The Sync method lets you keep a local copy of your files synchronized with the Network drives. Synchronized files can be accessed when you are off line.

The Browse method lets you view, edit, and work with your files when you are connected to the network (no need to use VPN). The files are accessed from the network drives (i.e., no local copy).

Web Browser

You can access your files from the network drives through FileCloud from any browser by connecting to and logging in with your Andrew ID and password.

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Sync Client

FileCloud provides a sync app to synchronize your CMU Qatar U – Personal drive with your computer (Mac, Windows and Linux).

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FileCloud mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to browse and access your network drives from your FileCloud account. Also you can Sync you U drive to your mobile devices.

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Cloud Drive

FileCloud Drive allows you to access all the files that you have in your CMU Qatar U and S drives from outside campus using the Windows File Explorer, without a need to use VPN.

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FileCloud WebDAV is another way to access your CMU Qatar U and S drive. To access FileCloud WebDAV, point your browser to and enter your AndrewID and password. Read more

Usage Tips

  • Offline: Use “sync folder” to browse (view) and edit your U drive data. All changes to your “sync folder” will sync back to your U drive once you are connected to the internet.
  • Online (on campus): Use network drives U and S which are mounted to your computer.
  • Online (off campus): Use Sync app to browse your U and S drives. You can use sync app to edit and sync your U drive data.
  • Save storage on your phone device by syncing only selected folders to your iOS and Android devices.
  • Update the Sync client application, mobile app and cloud drive application periodically.