CMU Qatar faculty and staff need 3 pieces of information to access FileCloud.

  1. FileCloud URL:
  2. Your AndrewID
  3. Your AndrewID password
Browsing through CMU Qatar Network Drives

Once you login using your Andrew account information, you will be presented with a familiar explorer type interface to navigate through your network drives and access your files.



Select CMU Qatar Network Drives to browse through S (Shared drive) or U (Personal drive). (S – Shared) and (U – Personal) are pointing to your existing departmental, project, courses and personal data in CMU Qatar network drives.


Uploading a file into a folder

You can upload files by either one of the two methods.

  • You can navigate to any folder and click on the "Upload Icon" and select files to upload. You can select multiple files.
  • You can also drag and drop files from your desktop into the FileCloud Web Browser window to upload the file.
File Search

FileCloud comes with advanced file search capabilities.  You can search files stored in FileCloud based on keywords, file types, date ranges and file size.



Downloading a file

Click on a file and in the context menu, click "Download". Alternatively, click on multiple files to download.


Deleting a file

User can delete a file by selecting and select "Delete" from "More" drop down menu:


Recover a deleted file

User can recover deleted file by accessing CMU Qatar network drives from the computer:

For Windows users:

  • Browse to network locations under “This PC” (My computer) :


  • Browse to the location where you need to recover the deleted file or folder.i.e. S:\Departments\IT\IT Staff\Software
  • Right click and select properties.
  • Select “Previous version tab”:


  • You can search to the date, which you think the deleted file, or folder was still exist.
  • Confirm that the deleted file exists in the chosen previous version by open and browse for the deleted file.
  • You can copy the deleted file to your local disk or select restore to restore the hall folder