Facilities such as printing and scanning play vital roles in creating a fostering environment for our students, staff, and faculty to learn better and manage tasks. For this reason, we provide various types of printing resources including office printers, multifunction printers and scanners, public printers, and a plotter. For your convenience, printer locations are spread all over the CMUQ building. Students can utilize the printers in the classrooms, clusters, and library; while faculty and staff can use the ones located in the pantries, their departmental area or their offices if requested. See more about available printing devices and their locations here.


Multifunction Printers and Scanners

Find-Me- and Secure Printing (using ID card)

Find-Me-Printing allows you to release print jobs along with many other services. To use this facility, you must first associate the ID card with your Andrew ID by registering your ID Card on one of the multifunction printers on campus. Please click here to see the documentation on how to register your ID card. Once your ID card is configured with our multifunction printers, you can utilize all of the printing services such as print release, photocopy, scanning to email (see section below).

Find-Me-Printing comes in 2 forms (depending on whether you are a student or faculty/staff):

  • Find-Me-Students ‘printer’ is already mapped and configured as the default printer for all cluster and library computers. Students should use this printer queue for print release and other services. Print to the Find-Me-Students printer and release it from any of the PaperCut enabled printers. To download the installer to add the Find-Me-Students printer on your machine, click here.
  • Find-Me-Anywhere ‘printer’ is exclusively for faculty and staff use. You can use this printing queue for print release and other services. Print to the Find-Me-Anywhere printer and release it from any of the PaperCut enabled printers. To download the installer to add the Find-Me-Anywhere printer on your machine, click here.

*Card Swipe is the easiest method to release the job, however, in case you do not have a card you can release the job from your mobile device or using the web browser. To see how to release a Find-Me-Printing job from your mobile device or using the web, please click here.

Printing from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Web

You are not bound to use only the campus computers for your printing needs; you are free to use your personal machines/devices as well. We support printing from the following platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Web. To learn more about printing from these various platforms, click here.


When you want to scan a document, you should go to one of the PaperCut enabled multifunction printers and scan your ID card. Once you are logged in, you should insert the document on the flat bed. You now have the following scanning options:

  • Scanning to E-mail: you can directly send the scanned copy of the document to your (or any) email address. Once your configurations are set, and you hit on ‘Send Email,’ the email gets sent out instantaneously. Click here to learn more about how to scan to email.
  • Scanning to Disk: this feature not currently available– coming soon…