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We offer limited support for research computing. Our mission is primarily to support the teaching effort of the campus and research support is offered based on our ability to extend the teaching support to cover research needs.

Personal Computers for Research Staff

Staff working on and supported by research projects are provided a basic laptop with a docking station, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The laptop is meant to be used for basic personal productivity at the office, home, or during travel. Learn more.

Linux Machines

Research projects often need access to custom configured Linux machines. The general Linux systems ( are available for use for research projects but these systems are configured for general use and do not support server setup. We provide Linux machines (usually running Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Ubuntu) for use as dedicated research machines. The machines can be configured with the appropriate server software or with a custom Linux configuration needed for specialized needs of the research project.

Research Software Installation

We can install research related software for your needs on Linux or Windows systems. This is done as a collaborative effort where we work with you to install (which we do) and test (which you do) the software for your needs.

Virtual Machines

From time to time, you may need access to bare (that is without software or with minimal software) virtual machine with particular hardware needs (like certain amount of RAM, processing power, or I/O capability). We can provide virtual machines (subject to availability of resources in VM pool) for limited time for particular research project needs.

Physical Machines

Please contact us if you need access to physical machines for very limited times. We don’t have many extra machines to share but may be able to help you in certain circumstances.