We provide software to support your work and study activities in the university.

Software License Review and Approval

You should always use properly licensed software according to the terms and conditions of the software and in accordance with your license rights and restrictions. You must request review and obtain approval of software license terms and conditions before you can purchase or use (even if open source or free) any software on university systems on for university work. No exceptions, please. You can request the review by filling in the ## form.

Licensed Software

Licensed software we provide falls into the following categories.

  • Cluster and Virtual.Qatar software: This software is intended to support teaching activities at the university. The software is installed on Cluster (computer lab) systems and systems in the Library and other open spaces.
  • Personal productivity software: This software is installed on your laptop (Windows or Mac) and is intended to be used for general personal productivity tasks.
  • Systems software: This software is associated with running various systems and services. This includes operating system, Exchange email, and several other software packages.
  • Teaching and Learning software: This software is specifically intended to aid in teaching and learning activities.

Requesting or Procuring Software

Before procuring any software, please check the software list to see if we already have a license for it. If you need software, you can request or procure it depending on the intended use.

  • For teaching: Before the start of every semester IT surveys the faculty to gather their IT support (including software) needs for upcoming courses. Please fill out the survey when requested and IT will ensure that the software is available for the upcoming semester.
  • For work and personal productivity: If you need to use a software for personal productivity or for other work needs, please check with IT about its availability. We will generally provide software that is essential to performing your work.
  • For research projects: Software required for research projects must be charged to research or seed grants. Please contact the Research Office to start the process of software acquisition. Do not assume that software already licensed for teaching or other purposes is also licensed for research projects. Please contact us for clarification if you have any questions.