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Web publishing takes 3 forms in CMU Qatar.

Public Website Publishing

The CMU Qatar public website ( is published and maintained by the Marketing and Public Relations (MPR) department. The public website is externally facing and is meant to inform the prospective students, their parents and family members, prospective employers, alumni, and our community and corporate partners about the university’s programs and activities. If you have some information or message to share with these audience, then please contact MPR.

Personal Web Pages

We provide a mechanism to publish personal web pages. These pages are stored on the Andrew Filesystem and can be edited by logging into the Linux systems ( Learn more about publishing personal web pages. The personal web pages are public and therefore visible across the internet to anyone wishing to access them.

Intranet Website Publishing

An intranet is a website that is only accessible to the members of an organization (in our case it will be our faculty, staff, and students). Publishing on an intranet is a good way to communicate your information within the organization. We (in CMU Qatar) do not have a custom designed intranet website, but we do have the capability to publish web pages that are password protected (to restrict access to faculty, students, and staff). These pages can be edited by the MPR department so please contact MPR if you are interested in publishing this kind of information.