Dear faculty and staff,

As previously communicated, the campus will be adopting two factor authentication for login to several campus systems.

Two factor authentication supplements your AndrewID password with another piece of information (a second factor) that’s generated by or confirmed by (typically) a properly configured smart phone app. If you are unable to use a smart phone, we will provide you a small hardware device that can generate the second factor.

We will hold two factor authentication education and configuration sessions at the following times:

  • Monday (20 Feb) morning (sessions from 9am to 1pm)
  • Wednesday (22 Feb) afternoon (sessions from 12pm to 3pm)

Please don’t configure two factor authentication on your own. It is possible to misconfigure things and lock yourself out of your account until someone in Pittsburgh resets it.

We will invite you to two sessions via an Outlook meeting request. Please accept one and plan to attend at that time.

Two factor authentication offers a strong defense against stole passwords and credential staling phishing attacks. The main campus has mandated two factor authentication use by 20th of April 2017. Please join us to learn about, and start using this information security enhancing feature.

Thank you.

Khalid Sarwar Warraich | Chief Information Officer

Two factor authentication