Plan "owner" nameIhab Younis
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Starting date of report period09/06/2020
Ending date of report period10/08/2020
Staying informed about the activities in you lab

Personnel presence was monitored by adhering to Research activity planner calendar.
I am the only lab member working in my group so no discussions were necessary for my group but I have ongoing discussions with Mohamed Bouaouina, with whom I share the lab space.

Adherence to plan, issues and corrective action

No issues to report for the current reporting period.
I am the only lab member working in my group and I strictly adhered to the lab plan. I also made effort to minimize presence in the building whenever possible.
If experiments required long incubation times, I spent that time alone in my office.

Strategies, practices or lessons learned over reporting period

Using Research activity planner to check for overcrowding is a great idea. I can plan my presence in the lab by checking the planner to see who else is there at that time. For the last two weeks, I managed to be in the lab alone by checking the planner.