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Academic YearInitiativeFunctional areaProject leadAnticipated startCost ($)Effort (FTE-months)Duration (months)Dependency on
AY2018-19 - FY19RDC ToR switches upgradeNetworkingFawad Alam
AY2017-18 - FY18Network ZoningInformation SecurityJerome11/01/201716
AY2018-19 - FY19Create CMUQ data backup in main campusWindows InfrastructureShadi Afaneh05/01/2017300011Storage and VMware
AY2018-19 - FY19RDC fwsm upgrade to ASA 5555NetworkingFawad AlamRDC layer 3 upgrade to N5k
AY2018-19 - FY19RDC layer 3 upgrade to N5kNetworkingFawad AlamUpgrade of Internet firewall
AY2017-18 - FY18Upgrade of Internet firewallNetworkingFawad Alam
AY2018-19 - FY19New Teaching Clusters in IS lab and 2163Windows Client ServicesFaizan05/28/201812000024
AY2018-19 - FY19Conduct Active Directory auditingWindows InfrastructureShadi Afaneh and Ahmed Elhelaly01/06/2019500022Domain controllers
AY2015-16 - FY16Identify Enterprise Backup SolutionUnix ServicesHasan Saiyid05/01/2015150000448Management
AY2017-18 - FY18Assess and propuse network segmentationNetworking
AY2018-19 - FY19New Laptop DeploymentWindows Client ServicesFaizan Nihal06/03/201846
AY2018-19 - FY19Password ManagerInformation SecurityJerome09/01/201813
AY2018-19 - FY19LED Lights Upgrade at AtriumMedia TechnologyDoru Meltei05/01/20185000033
AY2018-19 - FY19Guidelines for System HardeningInformation SecurityJerome09/01/201813
AY2017-18 - FY18Migrate SSO (Pubcookie to Shibboleth)Unix ServicesHasan Saiyid08/30/20170318Team Resources
AY2018-19 - FY19PDC, RDC, GTOS datacenter physical securityInformation SecurityJerome09/01/20180.51Facilities access to log information
AY2021-22 - FY22Projectors and TVs Upgrade to 4K (1st and 2nd floors only)Media TechnologyDoru Meltei07/01/202060000033
AY2018-19 - FY19Assess and implement IPv6 in CMUQ Campus networkNetworkingFawad Alam4500
AY2018-19 - FY19InfoSec User EducationInformation SecurityJerome09/01/201813
AY2018-19 - FY19Deploy Titanium Systems (Medical Record System for Student Affairs)Windows InfrastructureAhmed Elhelali09/02/201866
AY2018-19 - FY19Assets and Inventory Management using ServiceNowService DeskKranthi/Nasser03/01/2019036
AY2018-19 - FY19Document Legal and Regulatory Environment in Qatar w.r.t. Information SecurityInformation SecurityJerome09/01/201813
AY2017-18 - FY18Implement ServiceNow for ServiceDesk and retire RTService DeskKranthi/Nasser04/19/2018025
AY2018-19 - FY19Incident Response ProcessInformation SecurityJerome06/01/20180.52ISO
AY2017-18 - FY18New HP Printers and MFPWindows Client ServicesFaizan Nihal07/15/20183
Academic YearInitiativeFunctional areaProject leadAnticipated startCost ($)Effort (FTE-months)Duration (months)Dependency on
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