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Primary contact nameProject titleBox folder
Samir AbdaljalilNarrative Summarization in the Domain of FinanceOpen Box folder
Huda Abdul SalikInstructional scaffolding impacts student performance on Exit TicketsOpen Box folder
Alanoud AbdullaIs ATP an inhibitor to E.coli Alkaline phosphatase?Open Box folder
Yara Al-AbdulghaniExploring Digital Resilience in Qatar: A Socio-technical perspectiveOpen Box folder
AlAnoud Al-GhamdiSuccess Factors for Small and Medium Enterprises in QatarOpen Box folder
Lulwa Al-HaddadComputational Analysis of Minor Intron Splicing in Breast CancerOpen Box folder
Reem Al-HaddadWe protect what we like: Further evidence from a large multinational Qatar sample on attitudes towards Qatar’s threatened animal speciesOpen Box folder
Sara Al-HemaidiWe like what we know: Evidence from a large multinational Qatar sample on attitudes towards Qatar’s threatened animal speciesOpen Box folder
Aisha Al-JabirFemale Entrepreneurship in Qatar: Challenges and RecommendationsOpen Box folder
Shouq Al-KhuzaeiDesign for a Change: Examining the effect of micro-Interactions to keep students engaged in readingOpen Box folder
Ali Al-MaadidSuccess Factors of Business Incubators in Qatar: Investigating the factors that affect the success rate of tenant companies in business incubators from the perspective of entrepreneurs.Open Box folder
Amna Al-SayeghInhibition of Human Placental Alkaline Phosphatase by L-PhenylalanineOpen Box folder
Alanood Al-ThaniLocked down and locked in: the impact of COVID-19 on mental healthOpen Box folder
Fajer AlmarzooqiCharacterization of the Transformation/Transition of Naive Fibroblast to Cancer Associated Fibroblasts using 3D Co-culturesOpen Box folder
Noora AlmohannadiWhat is the Effeciency of Mg2+ as an Activator for Calf intestinal Alkaline phosphatase (CIP)?Open Box folder
Merna AlobaidliThe effects of the inhibition of minor intron splicing in breast cancer cellsOpen Box folder
Reem AlsayedInhibiting PARP1 Splicing along with Inducing DNA Damage as Potential Breast Cancer TherapyOpen Box folder
Ishaq AnsariCooperative and load-balancing auctions for heterogeneous multi-robot teams dealing with spatial and non-atomic tasksOpen Box folder
Yaqoob AnsariDeep Learning of Indoor Radio Link Quality in Wireless Networks using Floor PlansOpen Box folder
Huda BaigThe Present and Future of Data SecurityOpen Box folder
Imane BendouAutomatic Arabic Translation of English Educational Content Online using Neural Machine Translation: the Case of Khan AcademyOpen Box folder
Andrew EdwardAnalyzing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Shipping Industry in the GCC regionOpen Box folder
Mariam El-EsnawySplicing Regulation of Alternative Splicing Regulators as a Novel Therapeutic Approach in Breast CancerOpen Box folder
Laila ElbeheiryFemtoCOF: An Offloading Framework Tailored for FemtoCloudsOpen Box folder
Laila ElbeheirySMLtoCoq: Automated Generation of Coq Specifications from SML ProgramsOpen Box folder
Sara FakhrooPreventing and Managing MIC for the Oil and Gas Industry in Collaboration with Curtin UniversityOpen Box folder
Adel FergatovaDiscovery of new anti-fungal agentsOpen Box folder
Eman GedawyA Game Theoretic Analysis of Qatar BlockadeOpen Box folder
Joud GhalayiniNatural Resource Dependance and Income Inequality in The GulfOpen Box folder
Joana KhatibThe Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Tumor-Stroma Interaction & the Optimization of a Testing ModelOpen Box folder
Weilin LiCharacterization of PDLIM7 Expression and Localization in Cancer CellsOpen Box folder
Nour MohamedWhat’s in a Song? Natural Language Processing (NLP) Analysis of Billboard Top 100 SongsOpen Box folder
Abubakr MohamedCooperative and load-balancing auctions for heterogeneous multi-robot teams dealing with spatial and non-atomic tasksOpen Box folder
Thamanna Muhammed HashirAnalysis of RNA binding proteins on regulation of tumor suppressor gene PTENOpen Box folder
Ayah SalamehIs Magnesium Good for the Gut?Open Box folder
Mariam SyedComparative Study on the Cost of Engineering Financial Instruments between Islamic and Conventional BanksOpen Box folder
Ahmed WarraichGenome Sequencing of BacteriophageOpen Box folder
Shahad YounisBacteriophage tail proteins as bacteria detection toolsOpen Box folder
Primary contact nameProject titleBox folder
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