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00200Nour MohamedEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Is the Future Female? A Study on Educational Attainment & Economic DevelopmentMarch 15, 2022 08:12 AM
00198Ameera Al-JanahiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Identification of Factors That Regulate U6atac Instability in Breast Cancer CellsMarch 14, 2022 15:11 PM
00197Shadi AbdallaEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Novel PTEN ncRNA’s Effects on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Phenotype and Analysis of its RNAB ProteinsMarch 12, 2022 10:06 AM
00196Mohammad ShaheerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Autonomous training of new sensors using pre-existing sensors in a system of heterogenous sensorsMarch 9, 2022 23:34 PM
00195Awa NdiayeEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Money Talks: The Impact of Foreign Investment in Developing Countries on Economic GrowthMarch 9, 2022 22:42 PM
00194Asma Al-MaraghiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.The effects of cholesterol on Alkaline phosphatase activityMarch 8, 2022 16:56 PM
00193Ammar KarkourEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Combining deep learning and bootstrapped few-shot learning for adaptive out-of-sample crowd countingMarch 8, 2022 16:52 PM
00191VIncent AdiongEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Possible treatments of pathogenic fungus Magnaporthe GriseaMarch 8, 2022 16:17 PM
00190Omaia KhandakerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Effects of logos on consumerMarch 8, 2022 16:10 PM
00189Maya SalamehEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Mechanistic Insights on Naïve Fibroblast Activation in Colorectal CancerMarch 8, 2022 16:10 PM
00188Shereo IntyisyarEmail hidden; Javascript is required.The Inhibitory Effects of L-phenylalanine on Placental Alkaline PhosphataseMarch 8, 2022 16:09 PM
00187Niamah Ayisha NishanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Optimization of a Susceptibility Assay to Test Potentially Novel Antimicrobial Combinations.March 8, 2022 16:06 PM
00186Roudha Al-EmadiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Are people preferring violent films during the pandemic? A study of the influence of COVID-19 pandemic on people's change in preference for films.March 8, 2022 16:01 PM
00185Ayah SalamehEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Evaluating the role of p38 MAPK signaling pathway as a cross-link between colon tumor cells and fibroblastsMarch 8, 2022 15:38 PM
00184Tefla AlmohannadiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Impact of shapes and colors of brand logos on consumers' evaluationsMarch 8, 2022 15:05 PM
00183Ekaterini KlepousniotouEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Differential effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on Broca’s area and its right hemisphere homologue during metaphor processingMarch 8, 2022 14:52 PM
00182Nada SolimanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Reinforcement Learning combined with Transfer Learning for HVAC Control in Residential and Commercial BuildingsMarch 8, 2022 14:41 PM
00179Thamanna Muhammed HashirEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Effect of Recycling Awareness Campaign at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar on Recycled Waste.March 8, 2022 14:28 PM
00178Lulwa AlhaddadEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Exploring Phenotypic changes in Breast Cancer Cells by MAPK14 Minor Intron Splicing.March 8, 2022 14:24 PM
00175AlReem AlKhanjiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Investigating the Effect of the Antioxidants Lycopene and ℬ-Carotene on Human Breast Cancer Cells.March 8, 2022 14:10 PM
00174Laila AssamiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Assessing the Role of αVβ6 Integrin Expression in Subpopulation of PC3 CellsMarch 8, 2022 14:07 PM
00173Mohammed SayedEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Analyzing the Effects of pH on the Activity of Calf Intestinal Alkaline PhosphataseMarch 8, 2022 13:28 PM
00172Noor SadiahEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Exploring the Impact of Music on Academic PerformanceMarch 8, 2022 13:24 PM
00171Malak AnnanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.How Can A Healthy Diet Keep Me and My Baby Safe?March 8, 2022 12:51 PM
00170Fiza TarlochanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.How do Single Nucleotides Polymorphisms in the 5’ Untranslated Region of BRCA1 and BRCA 2 Messenger RNAs Affect Their Structure.March 8, 2022 12:42 PM
00169Adel FergatovaEmail hidden; Javascript is required.What do fibroblasts and immune cells talk about: unraveling secret conversation between CAFs and immune cellsMarch 8, 2022 12:40 PM
00168Faisal AbdelmonemEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Accessing cars using software-defined radioMarch 8, 2022 11:28 AM
00167Mohammad HammadEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Using CRISPR Techniques To Create And Characterize The Phenotype Of Cancer Mutants For HNRPA2B1 And PTPRE GenesMarch 8, 2022 09:49 AM
00166Ammar KarkourEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Py*: Formalization of Python's Verifiable Bytecode and Virtual Machine in F*March 8, 2022 07:56 AM
00165Jade D MelloEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Studying the effects of an uncompetitive inhibitor (L-leu) on the enzyme kinetics of placental alkaline phosphatase (PLAP).March 8, 2022 02:47 AM
00164Waad AlKhenjiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Imagination Reduces False MemoriesMarch 8, 2022 01:49 AM
00163Moza Al-ShukriEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Efficacy of the Phage Lysine and Phage Tail Fiber Peptide as a Bacterial Detection ToolMarch 8, 2022 01:37 AM
00162Asmaa AlyaqoubEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Kinetics Studies of Calf Alkaline Phosphatase in the Presence and Absence of InhibitorsMarch 8, 2022 00:25 AM
00161Shahrazad El NatshehEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Identification of Alternative Splicing Patterns in Diabetic PatientsMarch 7, 2022 22:43 PM
00160Niamah NishanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Studying the inhibitory effect of L-phenylalanine on AlKaline Phosphatase isolated from E. Coli.March 7, 2022 20:37 PM
00159Samar RahmouniEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Reinforcement Learning in a Survival SettingMarch 7, 2022 19:38 PM
00158Samar RahmouniEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Domain Informed Oracle for Reinforcement LearningMarch 7, 2022 19:34 PM
00157Andrei-Horia PacurarEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Firmware Extraction for IoT devicesMarch 7, 2022 16:04 PM
00156Ekaterini KlepousniotouEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Monolingual and Bilingual Primary School Children’s Comprehension of Idiomatic ExpressionsMarch 7, 2022 13:01 PM
00155Shadi AbdallaEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Analysis of Activity of Human Fetal and E. coli Alkaline Phosphatases at Different TemperaturesMarch 7, 2022 12:51 PM
00154Ekaterini KlepousniotouEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Interhemispheric transfer in younger and older monolinguals and bilinguals in a divided-visual field Stroop taskMarch 7, 2022 11:49 AM
00153Ekaterini KlepousniotouEmail hidden; Javascript is required.The cost of learning new meanings for familiar wordsMarch 7, 2022 11:43 AM
00152Noor SadiahEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Examining the Influence of a FIFA Footballer player’s nationality on his salary and international reputation as a measure of the player’s valueMarch 6, 2022 21:36 PM
00151Dorde PopovicEmail hidden; Javascript is required.FedTeams: Trust-Based and Resource-Aware Federated LearningMarch 6, 2022 16:36 PM
00150Dorde PopovicEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Alternative Splicing and the Phenotypes of Different Breast Cancer SubtypesMarch 6, 2022 15:52 PM
00149Tefla AlmohannadiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Impact of properties of brand logos on product evaluationsMarch 6, 2022 14:35 PM
00148Gulnaz SerikbayEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Sniffing into Bluetooth with Ubertooth OneMarch 4, 2022 19:43 PM
00147Maryam AslamEmail hidden; Javascript is required.The Roles of Integrin-ECM Protein Interactions in Cell Signaling, Adhesion, and Migration in Select Cancer Cell LinesMarch 4, 2022 11:03 AM
00145Nancy LacsonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Test onlyFebruary 14, 2022 12:03 PM
00141Khalid WarraichEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Meetings of the Mind submissions managementFebruary 6, 2022 09:13 AM
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