project-idPrimary contact nameProject titleBox folder
00169Adel FergatovaWhat do fibroblasts and immune cells talk about: unraveling secret conversation between CAFs and immune cellsOpen Box folder
00175AlReem AlKhanjiInvestigating the Effect of the Antioxidants Lycopene and ℬ-Carotene on Human Breast Cancer Cells.Open Box folder
00198Ameera Al-JanahiIdentification of Factors That Regulate U6atac Instability in Breast Cancer CellsOpen Box folder
00166Ammar KarkourPy*: Formalization of Python's Verifiable Bytecode and Virtual Machine in F*Open Box folder
00193Ammar KarkourCombining deep learning and bootstrapped few-shot learning for adaptive out-of-sample crowd countingOpen Box folder
00157Andrei-Horia PacurarFirmware Extraction for IoT devicesOpen Box folder
00194Asma Al-MaraghiThe effects of cholesterol on Alkaline phosphatase activityOpen Box folder
00162Asmaa AlyaqoubKinetics Studies of Calf Alkaline Phosphatase in the Presence and Absence of InhibitorsOpen Box folder
00195Awa NdiayeMoney Talks: The Impact of Foreign Investment in Developing Countries on Economic GrowthOpen Box folder
00185Ayah SalamehEvaluating the role of p38 MAPK signaling pathway as a cross-link between colon tumor cells and fibroblastsOpen Box folder
00150Dorde PopovicAlternative Splicing and the Phenotypes of Different Breast Cancer SubtypesOpen Box folder
00151Dorde PopovicFedTeams: Trust-Based and Resource-Aware Federated LearningOpen Box folder
00153Ekaterini KlepousniotouThe cost of learning new meanings for familiar wordsOpen Box folder
00154Ekaterini KlepousniotouInterhemispheric transfer in younger and older monolinguals and bilinguals in a divided-visual field Stroop taskOpen Box folder
00156Ekaterini KlepousniotouMonolingual and Bilingual Primary School Children’s Comprehension of Idiomatic ExpressionsOpen Box folder
00183Ekaterini KlepousniotouDifferential effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on Broca’s area and its right hemisphere homologue during metaphor processingOpen Box folder
00168Faisal AbdelmonemAccessing cars using software-defined radioOpen Box folder
00170Fiza TarlochanHow do Single Nucleotides Polymorphisms in the 5’ Untranslated Region of BRCA1 and BRCA 2 Messenger RNAs Affect Their Structure.Open Box folder
00148Gulnaz SerikbaySniffing into Bluetooth with Ubertooth OneOpen Box folder
00165Jade D MelloStudying the effects of an uncompetitive inhibitor (L-leu) on the enzyme kinetics of placental alkaline phosphatase (PLAP).Open Box folder
00141Khalid WarraichMeetings of the Mind submissions managementOpen Box folder
00174Laila AssamiAssessing the Role of αVβ6 Integrin Expression in Subpopulation of PC3 CellsOpen Box folder
00178Lulwa AlhaddadExploring Phenotypic changes in Breast Cancer Cells by MAPK14 Minor Intron Splicing.Open Box folder
00171Malak AnnanHow Can A Healthy Diet Keep Me and My Baby Safe?Open Box folder
00147Maryam AslamThe Roles of Integrin-ECM Protein Interactions in Cell Signaling, Adhesion, and Migration in Select Cancer Cell LinesOpen Box folder
00189Maya SalamehMechanistic Insights on Naïve Fibroblast Activation in Colorectal CancerOpen Box folder
00167Mohammad HammadUsing CRISPR Techniques To Create And Characterize The Phenotype Of Cancer Mutants For HNRPA2B1 And PTPRE GenesOpen Box folder
00196Mohammad ShaheerAutonomous training of new sensors using pre-existing sensors in a system of heterogenous sensorsOpen Box folder
00173Mohammed SayedAnalyzing the Effects of pH on the Activity of Calf Intestinal Alkaline PhosphataseOpen Box folder
00163Moza Al-ShukriEfficacy of the Phage Lysine and Phage Tail Fiber Peptide as a Bacterial Detection ToolOpen Box folder
00182Nada SolimanReinforcement Learning combined with Transfer Learning for HVAC Control in Residential and Commercial BuildingsOpen Box folder
00145Nancy LacsonTest onlyOpen Box folder
00160Niamah NishanStudying the inhibitory effect of L-phenylalanine on AlKaline Phosphatase isolated from E. Coli.Open Box folder
00187Niamah Ayisha NishanOptimization of a Susceptibility Assay to Test Potentially Novel Antimicrobial Combinations.Open Box folder
00152Noor SadiahExamining the Influence of a FIFA Footballer player’s nationality on his salary and international reputation as a measure of the player’s valueOpen Box folder
00172Noor SadiahExploring the Impact of Music on Academic PerformanceOpen Box folder
00200Nour MohamedIs the Future Female? A Study on Educational Attainment & Economic DevelopmentOpen Box folder
00190Omaia KhandakerEffects of logos on consumerOpen Box folder
00186Roudha Al-EmadiAre people preferring violent films during the pandemic? A study of the influence of COVID-19 pandemic on people's change in preference for films.Open Box folder
00158Samar RahmouniDomain Informed Oracle for Reinforcement LearningOpen Box folder
00159Samar RahmouniReinforcement Learning in a Survival SettingOpen Box folder
00155Shadi AbdallaAnalysis of Activity of Human Fetal and E. coli Alkaline Phosphatases at Different TemperaturesOpen Box folder
00197Shadi AbdallaNovel PTEN ncRNA’s Effects on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Phenotype and Analysis of its RNAB ProteinsOpen Box folder
00161Shahrazad El NatshehIdentification of Alternative Splicing Patterns in Diabetic PatientsOpen Box folder
00188Shereo IntyisyarThe Inhibitory Effects of L-phenylalanine on Placental Alkaline PhosphataseOpen Box folder
00149Tefla AlmohannadiImpact of properties of brand logos on product evaluationsOpen Box folder
00184Tefla AlmohannadiImpact of shapes and colors of brand logos on consumers' evaluationsOpen Box folder
00179Thamanna Muhammed HashirEffect of Recycling Awareness Campaign at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar on Recycled Waste.Open Box folder
00191VIncent AdiongPossible treatments of pathogenic fungus Magnaporthe GriseaOpen Box folder
00164Waad AlKhenjiImagination Reduces False MemoriesOpen Box folder
project-idPrimary contact nameProject titleBox folder
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