Project titleEffect of Recycling Awareness Campaign at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar on Recycled Waste.

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q) community members can recycle paper, plastic, metal and glass waste using bins found throughout the campus. Measurements about the amount of waste recycled reveal a preferred utilization of the general waste bins over the recycling bins. Furthermore, when waste reaches the recycling bins it is significantly contaminated by incorrectly sorted waste. To address these issues, the present research aims to understand attitudes and awareness about recycling in the CMU-Q community and to determine if a recycling awareness campaign is effective in improving recycling attitudes and behaviors.

To achieve this goal, we conducted a student-led, week-long awareness campaign at CMU-Q. We measured attitudes to recycling pre and post-intervention and recorded the weight and contamination values of the recycled materials. We discuss the impact of the awareness campaign and highlight barriers to recycling that future interventions can address. 

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Jennifer Bruder
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