Project titleAre people preferring violent films during the pandemic? A study of the influence of COVID-19 pandemic on people's change in preference for films.

NOTE: this is not my final abstract as I'm still working on the analysis and result sections. 

A study by Billboard and Nielsen Music looked into the impact of COVID-19 on people’s everyday life and they found that 60% of people are engaging more with entertainment during the pandemic and 24% of consumers added a new subscription service and 79% intend to continue paying even after the pandemic (COVID-19 Tracking the Impact on the Entertainment Landscape: Release 1, n.d.). Since the arrival of mobile and internet technologies, there has been media consumption in different forms of listening to music, playing video games, and watching or streaming tv shows and movies, and all those media consumption became a part of everyone's daily life (Krause et al., 2021, p.1). Therefore, I believe that it is important to make research on those different means of media consumption, especially studying the influence of COVID-19 on them, as people tend to interact with media as a coping mechanism and there could be some specific changes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I will be solving the research question: Does people's preference change to violent films after the pandemic? By using data regarding the most popular films and series based on their IMDB rating. Using the data set created by Mazen Ramadan (2021) published on the Kaggle website, I will show that the COVID-19 pandemic influences the effect of the violence level of films on the IMDB's Rate. To address my research question, the paper will first start with a literature review on what has been done in the scope of the topic, then the hypothesis and its justification, following the data and methods, and finally the results and conclusion.

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