Project titleEffects of logos on consumer


A company is recognized by its brand elements such as the brand name and the brand logo. The design of the logo can be as simple as a circle or an alphabet to as complicated as a person’s face. Logo design considers factors like colors in the logo, overall shape, meanings associated with different parts of the logo, or even emotions that the logo is trying to convey. One of the previous research projects has investigated the impact of logo shape on hardness and softness perception of the product, i.e., an angular logo makes consumers perceive a product as harder when compared to the same product with a rounder logo. However, to our knowledge, there is no research on the effect of brand logo shapes on consumer’s memory. In this study, we investigated if there is an impact of the shape of a brand logo on the consumer’s memory for the claims that a product is making. We propose that consumers will have higher recall for product claims, when an angular shaped logo is used (as compared to a rounder shaped logo). In order to test this hypothesis, we will show logos of two different shapes: rounder and angular, with two different products: a wood hardener and a water softener to students from Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. Students will be randomly assigned to either the rounder logo or the angular logo condition. The study will take place into two phases: in the first, participants will see the logo and claims made by the product. They will then be asked to evaluate the product. In the second phase, the participants will come in one week after the first phase to see if the shape of the logo has influenced their long-term memory of the product claims. We predict that angular shaped logos will make the participants remember the product claims better than rounder shaped logos. 

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Jennifer Bruder Associate Teaching Professor of Psychology
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