Project titleThe effects of cholesterol on Alkaline phosphatase activity

Alkaline phosphatase is a phosphatase that plays many important roles and is present in the liver, intestines, bones, placenta, and many more. There are many factors that can influence the activity of alkaline phosphatase, one of them could be the presence of cholesterol. To determine the effect of cholesterol on the enzymatic activity of alkaline phosphatase, varying concentrations of substrate with a fixed concentration of alkaline phosphatase (AP) enzyme will be measured in the presence and absence of 0.1% of cholesterol. From that, Km and Vmax can be estimated to determine if cholesterol is an inhibitor. Our main purpose is to further understand the relationship between alkaline phosphatase and cholesterol, as the effect of alkaline phosphatase on cholesterol levels has been studied repeatedly but the effect of cholesterol on the activity of alkaline phosphatase is still unclear. Thus, this project aims to study the effect(s) of the presence of cholesterol in the microenvironment on the activity of alkaline phosphatase. We hypothesized that alkaline phosphatase activity will decrease in the presence of cholesterol. That is, we believe that cholesterol acts as an inhibitor of alkaline phosphatase, and thus the activity of AP will drop noticeably when treated with cholesterol.The results were obtained through measuring the effects of 0.1% cholesterol on AP enzyme in varying substarate concentrations and plotting Michaelis–Menten and Lineweaver–Burk plot to estimaate Km and Vmax. An overall decrease in AP activity was observed in the presence of 0.1% cholestrol, which proves that cholestrol acts as an inhibitor of AP enzyme.

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