2.A.1 Name of plan "owner" (should be faculty PI)Simon Faulkner
2.A.2 CMU-Q email of plan ownerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
2.A.3 Department of plan ownerBiological Sciences
2.B Justification of on-site work

The work involves microbiological research and access to lab equipment which would not be possible outside of tha lab

2.C.1 Facility details and locations
Room No. Location name/description
3181 My Office
2033 Research Space
2.C.2 Personnel details
Name AndrewID Personnel type (faculty, staff, student) Relevant spaces to access # Level of access ##
Simon Faulker sfaulkner@cmu.edu Faculty all B
2.C.3 Acknowledge that people listed above have been consulted
  • Yes, people listed above have been consulted
2.D Pandemic Safety Officer
PSO Name PSO AndrewID Date of training #
Gordon Rule rule July 14, 2020
2.E.1 Short descriptoin of project(s) and type(s) of work

Microbiology: aseptic techniques and determination of MIC values useing macrodilution broth techniques. These will be tested with BSL 1 pathogen: pseudomonas fluorescens.

2.E.2 Does your work involve human subjects?No
2.E.3 If not requesting ongoing access, list date ranges for which you are requesting access

I am requesting on-going access.

2.G.1.a Describe any scheduling tools you will use to control access to particular rooms and appratus?

shared calendar

2.G.1.c Are there any circumstances where personnel CANNOT maintain physical distancing for short periods of time?No
2.G.2 Anyone who is sick must stay home
  • Yes, I affirm
2.G.3 Face masks
  • Yes, I affirm
2.G.4 Individual hygiene & hand-washing
  • Yes, I affirm
2.G.5 Facility entrance/exit logging processes

We will have a shared calendar for ALL users of All common space (e.g. 2033, 3025, 3027, etc) which was set up by IT entitled: Research Activity planner; found on Outlook

3 Ramp-down and temporary suspension of work plans

Bacteria will be killed by bleach.

4 Regular reporting details
  • Yes, I acknowledge
5 Acknowledgement of positive COVID-19 diagnosis response protocols and temporary work suspension
  • Yes, I acknowledge