2.A.1 Name of plan "owner" (should be faculty PI)Mohamed Bouaouina
2.A.2 CMU-Q email of plan ownerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
2.A.3 Department of plan ownerBio Sci
2.B Justification of on-site work

The research projects conducted in my lab require access to lab facility to conduct wet-lab experiments, use lab equipment and data collection.

2.C.1 Facility details and locations
Room No. Location name/description
3027 Bio Research lab
3025 Bio Teaching lab
3021 Flow cytometry lab
3222 Storage room on third floor
3180 Mohamed Bouaouina office
2179 Microscopy room
3142 BSL2 inside 3027
2196 Chemistry lab
2.C.2 Personnel details
Name AndrewID Personnel type (faculty, staff, student) Relevant spaces to access # Level of access ##
Mohamed Bouaouina mohamedb faculty 3027, 3180 A
Mohamed Bouaouina mohamedb faculty 3222, 3025, 3021, 2179, 3142, 2196 B
Weilin Li weilin1 Student 3222, 3025, 3021, 2179, 3142, 2196 B
2.C.3 Acknowledge that people listed above have been consulted
  • Yes, people listed above have been consulted
2.D Pandemic Safety Officer
PSO Name PSO AndrewID Date of training #
Mohamed Bouaouina mohamedb j
2.E.1 Short descriptoin of project(s) and type(s) of work

Students working in the MB lab will conduct cell culture and cell transfection experiments followed by flow cytometry or microscopy analysis, in addition molecular biology experiments will be conducted using transformed bacteria to generate recombinant DNA constructs.

2.E.2 Does your work involve human subjects?No
2.E.3 If not requesting ongoing access, list date ranges for which you are requesting access


2.F Prioritization considerations

Students working schedule in the lab will minimize overlap and if necessary work schedule will be staggered to maintain the member of attendees at/below the max capacity of the lab. At this point only my students will be returning to the lab. If professor Younis student plan to work in the lab, I will coordinate with Prof. Younis to keep the member of attendees at/below the max capacity of the lab.
Our program purchased supplies (masks, hand sanitizers and Alcohol spray bottles) so every lab user can protect themselves and keep their space clean.
Data processing and lab meetings will be conducted virtually.

2.G.1.a Describe any scheduling tools you will use to control access to particular rooms and appratus?

Weilin is the only student working with me this semester. Maher Habboub will delay his return to lab until next semester. I am resubmitting a new form to request access for Weilin Li for all afternoons of the week (Monday-Thursday).
Given that Maher is not joining the lab and Ihab Younis's lab runs mostly in the morning, there will not be any scheduling conflict for Welin's work in the lab. If the situation comes to change we will use staggered planning to ensure all safety regulation are met.

2.G.1.b If you intend to use pre-defined rotations or shifts, attach (at end) or provide below an example schedule

We will continue to use the Outlook planner to provide information about lab occupancy to other parties and make tracing easier.

2.G.1.c Are there any circumstances where personnel CANNOT maintain physical distancing for short periods of time?No
2.G.2 Anyone who is sick must stay home
  • Yes, I affirm
2.G.3 Face masks
  • Yes, I affirm
2.G.4 Individual hygiene & hand-washing
  • Yes, I affirm
2.G.5 Facility entrance/exit logging processes

An outlook calendar will be used to plan all lab activity and keep track of everyone's time and presence in the designated rooms/labs. In addition the calendar will allow scheduling of staggered working schedules if lab occupancy is to be exceeded.

3 Ramp-down and temporary suspension of work plans

The following protocol applies for both temporary or indefinite shut-down as there is no guaranty that a temporary shut-down could become indefinite.
• Ensure freezers (-20C & -80C degrees) and fridges are connected to emergency power.
• Ensure that one fume cupboard is connected to emergency power
• Samples and chemicals in the freezers that are temperature sensitive will remain in freezers with emergency backup
• Actively growing cultures will be placed immediately into fridges; if opportunity to freeze (time permission) this will be done.
• All equipment (with the exception of freezers and fridges) will be disconnected from power supply; especially heat equipment like waterbath, heating blocks and ovens
• Chemicals in the portable fume cupboard (2033) will be moved to non-portable fume cupboards in 2196 or 3025.
• Benchtop will be cleared and wiped down and freed of clutter
• All personal belongings will be removed from labs
• Glass bottles or reagents (at room temperature) will be stored away into cupboards.
• Volatile chemicals will be stored away in the respective fume cupboards, all flammables will be stored away into flammable cabinets
• Chemical waste will collect in one satellite collection point – this fume cupboard should be connected to the emergency power outlet
• Accumulated waste will be autoclaved (if time permits)

4 Regular reporting details
  • Yes, I acknowledge
5 Acknowledgement of positive COVID-19 diagnosis response protocols and temporary work suspension
  • Yes, I acknowledge